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Get the contextual advertising advantage; save space and make money with relevant InText ads for your website or blog. Using the unbeatable power of our targeting technology, InText selects contextually relevant keywords within the content of your site to match with a related advertisement. Page content is scanned in real-time delivering contextually relevant ads, delivering the right ads to ensure a higher click through rate and more earnings for you.

Extra Benefits of Using InText Advertising Include:

  • Plugins for instant ad implementation with Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal
  • Relevant ads + keyword matching = higher CTR and more revenue
  • Affiliates automatically earn 5% commission from the "Your ad here" link if they refer new advertisers
  • Free sign up without any risks!

What are InText Ads?

InText Ads are an innovative way for affiliates to promote advertisements and make money without being intrusive and bothersome. We have developed a Text advertising that is able to select relevant keywords to link discreetly with a related advertisement. The keywords are displayed as a double-underlined hyperlink, distinguishing themselves from regular links. When a user's mouse hovers over one of these keywords, a small advertisement appears above the keyword. If a user clicks this advertisement, you receive revenue. If the user is not interested, all they have to do is move their mouse away from the hyperlink and the ad disappears.

How Do I Make Money Online with InText Ads?

The simple process begins after you complete our online affiliate application form. Affiliates will receive revenue every time a unique user clicks on the InText ad. Owners of websites of any size can join InText to easily start earning money today.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid?

Affiliates earn a standard 60/40 Revshare for each advertisement clicked.

Easy Ad Plugin Tools

For affiliates with Blogger, Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal websites, InText ad implementation is simple. Download and Install the appropriate plugin and include your website ID # to start making money.

Fast Ad Integration

For fast, but more hands-on ad integration, affiliates can simply copy and paste the InText ad Javascript code that is provided in the affiliate member's area.

Earn $$$ From Content

Your content is key! The more related content you have on your site, the higher paying and more relevant ads will be displayed.

No Website Real Estate Needed

InText affiliates earn money without having to modify their site layout to display InText ads. The InText ad technology will underline the most relevant keywords on a webpage, and will only display an advertisement when a mouse hovers over the link.

Affiliates Earn 5% Commission on Advertiser Referrals!

InText is incredibly proud to be the only advertising network in the industry to offer
affiliates a 5% revshare for each advertiser that they refer from the "Your Ad Here" link seen
on each InText ad. Learn More

Affiliates can also earn a 5% referral commission simply by convincing new affiliates to sign
up with InText. All you need is a referral linking code or banner ad creative to start earning
extra cash! Learn More